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Endowment concept:

The endowment is the confiscation of the origin and the benefit, and it is considered a permanent donation and an ongoing charity that a person endows in his life and spends its proceeds on charitable and charitable purposes, and its reward continues to what God wills, which increases the benefit and the continuous wage for the one who is endowed, and ensures continued spending on the endowed.

The endowment is the real charitable investment that you pay in this world to establish you in the hereafter, and Islam has urged the endowment until some scholars mentioned that none of the Companions was without endowment.

God Almighty said: “And We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?” Al-Anbiya 30.

Endowment idea for a drop of water:

The idea of ​​this endowment is based on locking up the endowment money as an asset in which the share starts with KD 300, the asset is invested and the Authority spends from its proceeds on the purposes of this endowment.

The purpose of the endowment for a drop of water:

In light of the suffering of many peoples of the world from lack of water, where there are more than one billion people who do not have access to potable water, the endowment comes to be a source for providing water irrigation projects that are implemented through its annual rent for the poor and needy, and to ensure the continuity of human life.

With this endowment, it became easy for every one standing in the “drop of water” endowment, to contribute to supporting water projects and watering it, a guarantee for the continuity of life and alleviating the suffering of millions from drought and thirst. And with it, the charity is ongoing and the reward is continuous.

The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The best charity is giving water” (Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Dawood, Sahih al-Jami’).

Endowment banks:

1 - Projects of drilling artesian and shallow wells in poor areas.

2 - Projects for constructing dams and providing water pumps.

3 - Projects to circulate water points.

4 - Desalination, cooling and water treatment projects to be potable.

5 - Water transfer projects to villages and poor areas.

Our generous donor: In the event that you donate a share, a waqf share certificate will be issued in the name of whomever you wish. We hope that you - kindly - provide us with your correct data in order to communicate with you, as the certificate will be sent to the address that you specify.

Al-Dalla Endowment Share: 300 KWD

Endowment housing fund share: 750 KD

Al-Derwaza Endowment Share: 1000 KWD

Al-Dana Endowment Share: 5000 KWD